Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Doepfer A-107 Filter Demos

Doepfer A-107 Filter Demo1 from Jyoti Mishra on Vimeo.

I've made a couple of video demos of the Doepfer A-107 Multitype Morphing Filter. A lot of people seem curious about how it sounds and there aren't many samples around so I thought I'd help out! :-)

Above, the filter is being stepped through its types as a bassline loops. The resonance level is being swept by an LFO at the same time so you can hear how/if each filter type self-oscillates.

Doepfer A-107 Filter Demo2 from Jyoti Mishra on Vimeo.

In this slightly more musical example, I'm tweaking everything by hand, showing some of the lovely sounds you can get out of the A-107. It really is a killer filter that I've only touched the surface power of so far. I didn't go through each filter as the loop was driving me a bit barmy! :-)

By the way, both times the A-100 is playing a sequence from my Monomachine and in the second vid, that's providing the drums too.

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