Friday, 24 October 2008

Doepfer Locks

Doepfer Locks from Jyoti Mishra on Vimeo.

I got the power adaptor for my Encore Expressionist MIIDI -> CV converter today so the first thing I did was hook it up between my Monomachine and my Doepfer.

Then, I assigned two of the MM's CCs to CV outs from the Expresssionist, patched them into the cutoff frequency and resonance amount and that's the above vid!

Sorry for the shaky camera work and, for some reason, the sync is a bit off.

I love the Expressionist - the CVs it provides are smooth with no zippering whatsoever and it's very simple to program. It's lovely being able to bring the power of the Monomachine's parameter locks into the analogue modular domain.

I've assigned the two MM CCs to cutoff and resonance amount but there's no reason, of course, that they can't be plugged into any CV-able destination on the modular.

Imagine the mayhem! :-D


Christophe said...

Hello synthlover, where did you get the UK power adaptor for the encore expressionist, do you have a reference?

Many thanks,


Jyoti Mishra said...

I just walked into my local Maplins shop and it was sitting there! :-)

Christophe said...